Supplying everything from power tools to pressure washers, Troy (UK) Limited (Troy) is a leading group of independent engineering distributors. Its network of nearly 400 suppliers works with 300 distributors, operating from 400 locations around the country and it has ambitious plans to triple the size of its current £140m business.

While the market is currently dominated by some large players, Troy’s management team see there are real opportunities to grow, by increasing the number of members in its network and through acquisitions.

Paul Kilbride, Troy’s CEO, turned to our Growth 365 membership service to help Troy implement and refine their strategy and deliver their ambitions to succeed in a changing market.

Understanding the challenge

Growth 365 supports ambitious CEOs and leaders of mid-market businesses to achieve their commercial ambitions. The Growth 365 business advisors facilitated a series of insightful workshops with Paul Kilbride and the leadership team to distil their shared vision across the company and to focus on the specific challenges they faced. This provided a framework for Troy to confirm where future value in the business could be created and what they needed to do to secure that growth.

This initial work highlighted that the existing business plan needed to reflect the scale of Troy’s ambitions. Working with our experts from business consulting, Troy’s business plan is being focused around the key themes that emerged from the workshops. The team have also been discussing Troy’s future IT strategy and roadmap to support their expanding business.

Working to a clear plan and realising value

Through the Growth 365 service, Troy has been connected with a range of Grant Thornton experts from business consultancy, IT and tax. As Grant Thornton continue to support the business, Troy’s CEO and leadership team now have a clear strategy, underpinned by structured plans for each element of their business to create substantial value and growth in the business.

“As a CEO in the Growth 365 community I am able to draw on the wealth of experience and industry experts in the Grant Thornton network, including the Growth 365 Growth Advisors, technical specialists and analysts. I find having multiple external perspectives is extremely valuable and it allows me to focus on the future growth strategy of the business.” Paul Kilbride, CEO, Troy (UK) Limited